Mother Foundation

Birth of Mother Foundation


Mother is a person who is lovable, kind and affectionate to everyone. She is always concerned about her children’s worries and troubles. Not only her children, she has concern for other people too. Most of us do not realize the importance of a mother when she is always close and alive. But when she leaves us and go far away from us, we realize her absence. We are not able to live without our mothers. She is always there to help us in one way or other.

In remembrance for all mothers, we have named our organization as ‘MOTHER FOUNDATION’. Just like how a mother cares and looks after her child, in the same way, We have established this foundation to take care of the desperate, needy people. Mother foundation was started in the year 7/03/2007.


Objective of Mother Foundation

Our society comprises of different kinds of people. Each person is unique and most of the people in the society are affected by many types of health problem. We take steps to cure ourselves from their health problem by approaching doctors and taking proper medication. This society also has persons who are mentally challenged. They are isolated from the society. We do not understand them, we discourage them and not make them as a part of our society. To take care of this type of person, we have started the mother foundation.

EC & RC (Emergency Care & Rescue Center)

EC & RC Our team (Rescue) found one mental illness patient, the patient go to the Periyakulam Magistrate (our team). The Judicial Magistrate gave a detention order. Next our team admitted the patient in Periyakulam government hospital. First time in India our NGO has been got detention order. This victory is get our NGO staff team for is especially work.

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