Virutcha Health Care Training Institute:


In this present generation, both men and women are earning to run a family. They give equal contribution to the family to overcome their financial problems and live happily.

We have started Virutcha Health Care Training Institute for the welfare of the women especially the low privileged persons. This was started 12.12.13. We train them to earn from home or from outside.

Name behind Virutcha

Just like how a tree is useful in many ways, we have named our institute as virutcha. The significance of the trees is that they give us oxygen, helps in rainfall, provide shelter and gives us food. Even after the tree is dead, its branches and stumps/barks are used as wood.


Our “Virutcha” institute helps for the needy people to earn for their living. The courses under virutcha institute are:
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  1. Bed side assistant
  2. Health care Multipurpose worker.
  3. Assistant Counselor
  4. Tailoring and hand embroidery